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Feb 17, 2009


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The Reasoners!

Welcome to our once in a great while updated site.  Mostly it gets updated around Christmas :)

Fortunately, I've started slowly uploading pictures to our flickr site.

Read about our new home adventure and our continuing efforts at projects

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Phil & Jill
Maranda, Lydia, Alexander, Sophia and Peter


Welcome to our domain.  We'll be adding stuff as we can.  Comments are always welcome!

philnjill at gmail.com    mommajill at gmail.com
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AIM: Jill - jillnphilplus4
AIM: Phil - PReasoner0076

(with the IM's, best to email first so we can add you to the buddy list...or even turn it on)

Older pictures:

Some pictures from summer and fall 2003 up - yeah, I really need to get new ones!! 





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The miraculous gift of eyesight - Thanksgiving 2005

The amazing accident of June 9th, 2000
(now with pictures!)

Jill's Odyssey       Phil's Aztek
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